Young Girl From Yili

I feel as though most of the time I think of my time painting in the studio as practice or study.  This seems to be more freeing for me rather than thinking of it as “making art.”  If I’m studying, it’s cool if I make mistakes, or wipe the whole thing down and start over…no big deal.  If I’m making art, I feel pressure to make it really good so that it’ll get juried into a show or become part of a solo exhibit.  Those don’t usually turn out as good, either.  I’d rather the happy accident of a great painting while I’m studying.  This piece is just one of those.

Another portrait of a girl we met on our trip to the Chinese – Kazakhstan border town of Yili.  She was shy and slightly hiding behind her father’s arm.  The reflections of the sunset on our evening walk are in her face.

Young Girl From Yili.  Oil on Panel, 6x6".  $125.

Young Girl From Yili. Oil on Panel, 6×6″. $125.


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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