Weight of the Mundane

Stuff of Earth 2. 8x10" Oil on Panel. September 2015. $170

Stuff of Earth 2. 8×10″ Oil on Panel. September 2015. $170

We visited the southern province of Yunnan, China in 2009 and got to venture out to a remote village nearby.  This woman was selling some veggies alongside a handful of other women.  I felt so far from these women so I can’t even really imagine what their lives are like or what they think and feel.  But I do imagine there is weight of the mundane as there is for all of us in some way or other.  The poetry of Rich Mullins in his song If I Stand came to mind: “There is more that rises in the morning than the sun, more that shines at night than just the moon.  It’s more than this fire here that keeps me warm, in a shelter that is larger than this room.”


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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