Tiny Studio 2.0 Coming Soon

Though transition and adjustment are still the buzzwords around our house, our year of limbo seems to be coming to a close.

Tiny Studio 2

View of my tiny studio. That’s the corner of our bed you see at the bottom of the picture. Not exaggerating when I say ‘tiny.’ Sorry about the dirty laundry on the bed. Ew.

We closed on a house, our first house, last week.  We are so grateful for it and for getting to be able to do it.

Even though it was something we always wanted to do, living a somewhat nomadic life, owning a home seemed so out of reach.  (Not complaining…the experience of living in a different culture for many years was definitely worth it.)

For me and my husband, setting down roots somewhere, calling one place home, was something that was important to us.  Even if we picked up and lived somewhere else in the world for a bit, the idea of having a home base was a buoy in difficult times.  Now that we have our son, the draw of this is even stronger.

I'm squeezing myself against the wall just to get this view in the shot.

I’m squeezing myself against the wall just to get this view in the shot.

So, though we know it’s temporary, as all things on earth are, for us, we’re enjoying it as a symbol and shadow of eternity.

With that, I am saying ‘good-bye’ to my tiny studio in our tiny condo and ‘hello’ to an entire room that will be my art studio in our new house.

Even in school, you share studio space with at the very least a handful of other students and normally end up with a small space in the best spot you could get your hands on, call it yours for the entire semester, and hope the easel you grabbed isn’t the one that was put in the corner because it was busted.  It’s a little Hunger Games-ish.

With the new space, I’ll be able to work on a few pieces at once on multiple easels (none of them busted).  And I have a door so that I can leave works in progress, in progress, and jump in and work on them as I have time during the day instead of needing to clean up after every session just in case the toddler wanders in.

I’ll miss the tiny studio, though!  It’s where I heard God’s call to start painting again and where some very special pieces were created.  I’m so very grateful for it.

Pictures of the new studio space to come once we’ve settled in!


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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