There’s a Triceratops in My Kitchen!

There's a Triceratops in My Kitchen!  8x10"  Oil on Panel.  $170

There’s a Triceratops in My Kitchen! 8×10″ Oil on Panel. $170

Coming from my background of infertility and seemingly only able to have my son, Joshua, I’m surprised at times the level of emotion I feel by little things like seeing one of his toys on the kitchen counter.

This piece also addresses the fears I have of losing what has been given to me, both in the sense of a tragic occurrence and time simply moving forward.

The image of this painting came into my mind just after we found out Joshua, now 3 years old, has autism.  Perhaps this is why the triceratops is ghostly.  I feel unable to hold tightly to the life that I want for Joshua and must continuously yield to the Lord’s will and trust in His goodness and love.



Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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