There are Winds of Heaven in this Stuff of Earth

Stuff of Earth 3. 11x14" Oil on Panel. September 2015. $245

Stuff of Earth 3. 11×14″ Oil on Panel. September 2015. $250

In a small village in Yunnan, China, a woman rummages through fabric at an outdoor market.  I saw a lot of beauty in the mundane errand she was checking off her to do list.  Echoes of Rich Mullins’ lyrics run through this piece: “There’s more that dances on the prairies than the wind, more that pulses in the ocean than the tide.  There’s a love that is fiercer than the love between friends, more gentle than a mother’s when her baby’s at her side.”  There are winds of Heaven in this stuff of Earth.


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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