The Woman at the Well

Inspired by the theme for the upcoming PACT show, “Gratitude,” here is the third piece that will be showing at the 10th anniversary fall exhibition.

The woman at the well chats with Jesus and her entire world is turned upside down.  She’s going about her day, performing a mundane, daily chore getting water from the village well and there is this strange man sitting nearby resting his feet.  Their ethnicity and gender separate them in her mind, but he dares to speak to her…about extremely personal things that she didn’t think anyone knew about her.  By the end of their chat, she has gone from blowing him off and simply trying to get her water and be on her way to dropping her water jug on the ground and running to the village to tell everyone about this man.  He changed her that day.  In a moment, in a conversation, he changed her and she just had to tell everyone about him.

I have been envisioning myself in the shoes of each of these women, seeing Jesus through their eyes, and know that I am like them.  I am them and they are me.  It’s a powerful way in which Scripture communicates to us.  The stories aren’t inaccessible and esoteric, but they rather apply to all of us, even today.  Though I didn’t have the same face to face that the woman at the well had with Jesus, I’ve experienced the same feelings of acceptance by him.  Those feelings are so strong and my gratitude so overflowing that I feel that same sense of urgency in telling everyone about him.  Whether using words or actions, telling people they are loved and accepted comes out of gratitude that I am loved and accepted.

I’ve been heavily influenced by the comic book genre for this series as well.  I highly recommend Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud to further investigate the depths that comics and graphic novels can communicate and have communicated far longer in our art history than we realize.

The Woman at the Well.  10x12" Black Marker on Paper.  $210

The Woman at the Well. 10×12″ Black Marker on Paper. $210


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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