Free CovidArt Coloring Pages

Like many of you, my time has drastically changed since Covid-19 arrived.  I’ve become a full-time teacher to my kiddo and am doing my best to keep our household running, stocked with food (and toilet paper!!), and our souls cared for, as well.  Honestly, even if I did have time for it, I’m just too emotionally overwhelmed to make big, epic works of art right now.

But, I’m still making small creations…just to stay sane and send gifts of peace, beauty and comfort out into our grieving world.  Here are some coloring pages I’m creating during the shelter in place which you’re welcome to download and print out for yourself and your children.  Please tag me on Instagram and Facebook with pictures of what you create from them!  I’d love to see you (online)! @meenamatochaart

I’m putting these out into the world for free because I feel strongly that people, no matter what their financial circumstances, should have access to art and beauty.  With that in mind, please consider a donation to Central Texas Food Bank (or to your local food bank).  Even just $1 donated gives 8 meals to central Texas neighbors.  Thank you!

I hope that wherever you are in the world, you are safe and well.

Jesus Calms the Storm

Who stilled a storm with just a word?  And can still the storms in our hearts, too?

Inspired by Sister Corita Kent’s print “Jesus Calms the Storm,” and lyrics from the song of the same name by Rain for Roots.

Download “Jesus Calms the Storm” Coloring Page





When You Worry

God gives the birds and the flowers everything they need.  You’re not a bird and you’re not a flower, but there is good news because you’re worth so much more to the God who made everything.

Inspired by the song “Do Not Worry” by Rain for Roots.

Download “When You Worry” Coloring Page





Feast Day of Pentecost

During a time of pandemic, coming together looks very different, but the Spirit still moves like wildfire.

Inspired by Sister Corita Kent’s print “Pentecost.”

Download Feast Day of Pentecost Coloring Page






Here Comes the Sun

Inspired by frontline workers playing the song “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles when a COVID-19 patient recovers and is released from the hospital.

Download Here Comes the Sun Coloring Page