Lillias Trotter, Regret, and a Sketchbook

This is my biggest regret over the last ten years – that I didn’t “see” China and the Hui people through the lens of art that has been given to me.  Regret is real.  I feel it deeply and it’s moved me to change.  Diving into art after leaving “professional Christian work” was healing and something I needed, need now, and will need for the whole of my life.

Lillias Trotter’s story inspires me to move toward the Father in the ways that He’s made me.  She kept beautiful journals with sketches and watercolors of people and places around her and wrote powerful, insightful words next to her images.  It’s a discipline I’m picking up and enjoying.  It helps me focus and learn.  It’s a conduit of self awareness for me as well.

I added solitude and silence to my practice of Lent this year because I’ve noticed a need for distractions in potentially quiet moments.  I’ve been choosing numbness over self awareness.  It was really hard.  When I was driving around at night by myself, I confess, I just couldn’t do it.  I had to turn on the radio or a podcast.  There was something about the dark and the quiet and the solitude together that I couldn’t handle.  There’s more there, I know…

Here is a snippet from my sketchbook…

 2.14.2016 Sermon Notes

Also, just an aside, now that we are celebrating the Easter season (YAY!) and I’m back to listening to podcasts in the car (YAY!), I’m absolutely loving The Savvy Painter by artist Antrese Wood.


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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