Forming a Collection #1

Oil Pastel Portrait of Joshua Progress Pic

Oil Pastel Portrait of Joshua Progress Pic

 I’m still new at this art business thing and, in many ways, I’m picking back up where I left off after art school 13 years ago.

After meeting with a wise and seasoned artist, Dee Day, for coffee last week, I’m heeding her encouragement to “find my mark,”  meaning that factor in my artwork which is uniquely mine.

I don’t know what that is yet, but, the hope is that as I work (like, a painting a day) my style and theme will emerge.

Why do I need to form a body of work?  I don’t want to only make art for myself anymore.  I want to make it for others, to say something and to get people thinking about their life journey and how to understand the sometimes elusive truth of being loved by God.  A body of work will help you, the viewer, understand and decipher what I’m trying to say, what my art is about.

So, until that happens, I’ll take a break from entering gallery shows.  But, just a short one.  If I’m faithfully working, I think I should see patterns of style and theme emerge by the end of this year.

Portrait of Joshua.  16x20" Oil Pastel on Canvas Board.  October 2013.

Portrait of Joshua. 16×20″ Oil Pastel on Canvas Board. October 2013.

The above portrait of my son was my first intentional painting in this journey to find my mark.  As much as I love oil paint and brushes, I also love the control I have with drawing and getting my hands into the piece.  So, this was my attempt to mix the two.  I used oil pastel, brushes and turpentine to combine all these aspects together.  The above painting was the result and I sorta love it.

Please feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it.

Also, whatever the art is that YOU create, have you found your own style and theme?  How did you find it?


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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