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Even though I’ve been a visual artist for most of my life and know that a big part of that life is having people buy your artwork, as I started researching more about building my art business just a few months ago, the term “art collector” was completely intimidating to me.

Wise and savvy entrepreneurial artists were telling me to “find the art collectors” who would be interested in me and my artwork.

My first big question was, where are these elusive and mysterious “art collectors” and how do I find them?

Because when I pictured art collectors, I thought about that Seinfeld episode.  The one with the hilarious painting of Kramer.

Seinfeld's Infamous Painting of Kramer

Seinfeld’s Infamous Painting of Kramer

And the art collectors who came by the artist’s studio wearing a bow tie and a fascinator, speaking like they were British.

The Art Collectors

The Art Collectors

I don’t know anybody like that.

I don’t really want to know anybody like that.

Way back in art school, ages ago, when I pictured myself years ahead, living life as a successful artist, I pictured art collectors like the ones in this Seinfeld episode being a normal part of my life.  Because I mistakenly and stereotypically thought those were the folks that collect art…elite, wealthy, eccentric and snooty.

But, as I thought about it, all of us are art collectors, whether we are intentionally or not.  YOU are the art collectors I thought were so elusive and intimidating.

And I WANT to know you!

We all want our homes to be well decorated and so we put things in them to make our home homey.  We search the aisles at Target and World Market for treasures and pretty things.  Even the furniture we buy, as utilitarian as it is, is something we would prefer to look nice.

What if you stepped out of the comfort and convenience of Target and World Market (love them as I do!), and searched for the artwork for your walls, your shelves, your jewelry box, etc. on,, or, even better, your local art scene?  Not only does it enrich the environment of your home, but you could also connect with this amazing, creative world out there and enrich your soul.


I know that sounds quite grandiose, but stick with me and you’ll understand.

This is my first blog post in what I hope will be a series about being (or becoming) an art collector.  That anyone can be one.  You don’t have to wear bowties or fascinators or speak like you’re British (unless you’re British, of course).

In the series I hope to connect our real lives, our homes and families, with our spiritual lives (they’re not really separate, are they?) and tie that in with why collecting art is good for all of us.

Do you collect art?  Why or why not?  Leave a comment below.


Meena Matocha is a contemporary representational artist living and working near her hometown of Austin, TX.

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