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The New, Not So Tiny, Tiny Studio

We’ve settled in to the new house and I’ve begun working in the new studio space that has been so generously provided to me.  It’s amazing how space can make such a difference in your creative practice.  I love it

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Study of Kazakh Boy After My Toddler’s Tantrum

So, it turns out a tantrum thrown by my toddler, which included him smearing his finger across this painting, did actually help me in the process of making this painting better. It’s all about process, right? So, I re-worked it

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Study of Kazakh Boy in Turquoise and Red

I just finished this study of a Kazakh boy from a photograph we took on a trip to the far northwest of China in 2006.  It’s a study for a larger painting that will be 30×40″.  I find that it’s

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Last week, I talked about setting a goal of doing creative practice one hour a day.  After a week of implementing this goal, I’m feeling so happy that I did!  I was able to complete a painting for the Spring

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One Hour A Day

Let me rant a bit about the demands on my time, shall I? I want our home to run smoothly.  I don’t care about having a perfectly clean house, elaborate meals for my family and friends we invite over, or

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