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6 Questions Artists Should Regularly Ask Themselves

While I was living overseas working with a non-profit org, it was regular practice to take a step back and reassess our situation to make sure we were staying on track with our values.  It was an effective way to

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Over-Spiritualizing Making Art

I get defensive when artists over-spiritualize art-making. It has a bit of a foul smell of desperately justifying what we do.

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Art – Where Heaven and Earth Meet in the Present

Art helps us see where earth and heaven meet in the present.

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Lillias Trotter, Regret, and a Sketchbook

This is my biggest regret over the last ten years – that I didn’t “see” China and the Hui people through the lens of art that has been given to me.

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Beginning the First Memories Series

I love that the project elevates transparency, reflection and a form of service in the listener’s willingness to hear and understand another person share a piece of who they are.

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Returning to Art

I came to realize that who I was had more to do with experiencing the love of God and less to do with what I actually did or accomplished in life.

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Last week, I talked about setting a goal of doing creative practice one hour a day.  After a week of implementing this goal, I’m feeling so happy that I did!  I was able to complete a painting for the Spring

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One Hour A Day

Let me rant a bit about the demands on my time, shall I? I want our home to run smoothly.  I don’t care about having a perfectly clean house, elaborate meals for my family and friends we invite over, or

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