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The Musician

We’ve been studying the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations in Scripture as a church on Sunday mornings.  As a person who is drawn to the melancholy, I get a sense of vindication reading Jeremiah’s words.  The world isn’t all rainbows

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Lillias Trotter, Regret, and a Sketchbook

This is my biggest regret over the last ten years – that I didn’t “see” China and the Hui people through the lens of art that has been given to me.

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Sing, Mary, Sing

The line between joy and grief are blurred in our walk with the Lord.

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Beginning the First Memories Series

I love that the project elevates transparency, reflection and a form of service in the listener’s willingness to hear and understand another person share a piece of who they are.

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Returning to Art

I came to realize that who I was had more to do with experiencing the love of God and less to do with what I actually did or accomplished in life.

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There’s a Triceratops in My Kitchen!

Coming from my background of infertility and seemingly only able to have my son, Joshua, I’m surprised at times the level of emotion I feel by little things like seeing one of his toys on the kitchen counter. This piece

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An Artist’s Thick Skin

Artists are supposed to have a thick skin.  A ton of rejection comes with this business.  It’s just a part of it, and that’s cool.  Not everyone will like my work or what I have to say.  I’m finding that

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