Artist Statement

I’m filled with gratitude toward the Creator for giving me the ability to make beautiful things, but I’ve learned that being an artist is much more than being in the art studio creating. It is a way of seeing. For me, that means being present and observant of the world around me, seeking to see things through the lens of things eternal, and then responding in service and care.

My paintings use the figure and scenes of everyday life to explore the dichotomy between grief and joy, and how faith and spirituality inform that dichotomy.  I’m particularly drawn to creating portraits. Studying the details of a person’s face and spending time creating their portrait is a means for them to be seen and known.

I call myself an autobiographical artist simply because I paint from the experiences of life around me in the moment. At this stage of my life, being a mother informs most of my work. My hope is that the insights gained from creating, in turn, inform my work as mother, as well. There is no compartmentalizing the different facets of my life.

The underlying theme to my work is finding grace and beauty in our everyday, ordinary moments of living. It is in these moments we meet with God and He meets with us. These seemingly insignificant moments reach out into eternity and aide the changes toward all things becoming new. There is beauty around us and I long to help others see it and find Joy.

I Will Give You Rest. 30x40 inches. Oil on Canvas. March 2016. $1,300.

I Will Give You Rest. 30×40 inches. Oil on Canvas. March 2016. $1,300.

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